5 days ago Comprehensive up-to-date notes & study material on General Studies for various Kerala PSC. 5 days ago Comprehensive up-to-date notes & study material on English for various Kerala PSC English Study Material for Kerala PSC-Updated for Changes Antonyms (Download PDF) · English EBooks (Download PDF). Government Welfare Schemes, Districts of Kerala, Current Affair PDFs, Tips and Study Material Kerala PSC, psc study material pdf free download, psc study.

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History and Culture of Kerala Free study material for KeralaPSC preparationspreparations arranged topic-wise. Read More >, Polity of Kerala Free study. Home» Study Materials pdf Rajya Sabha- Study Notes-Upper House of Indian Parlaiment Kerala Rivers- Study Notes for PSC and Questions · Newspapers. Study materials for Kerala PSC competitive exams like Lower Division Clerk, Last Grade Servants, Secretariat Assistant, Jail Warden, Sub Inspector of Police.

Fundamental Rights in Indian Constitution. All Renaissance of Kerala. Districts of Kerala -Ernakulam. Districts of Kerala — Alappuzha. P Karuppan- Renaissance leaders of Kerala.

Ayankali- Renaissance leaders of Kerala. Vaikunda Swamikal- Renaissance leaders of Kerala. Renaissance Leaders of Kerala -Chattampi Swamikal. Budget Expected Questions pdf download. How much hours you need to study to crack any competitive….

India The best year book for Competitive exams especially for Civil…. Confusing Adjectives and Adverbs practice test 1. Mock Test University Assistant 1.

Rajendra Prasad Drafting Committee - Dr. Elected Rajendra Prasad as the first president of India - January 24, Met as Dominion legislature and elected Mavlankar as speaker - November 17, Constitution was adopted on November 26, Date of commencement of the Constitution on January 26, The national flag was adopted on — 22nd July Tri-color flag hosted for the first time - 31st December Frequently asked questions from Kerala PSC exams: Constituent Assembly adopted the draft Constitution on.

The Constituent Assembly approved the Indian Constitution on. At what time the first session of the constituent assembly of India began? The demand for the constituent assembly was put forward by the INC in at its session held at. The Constituent Assembly adopted the Indian Constitution on. Who was the Chairman of the drafting committee of the Constitution? Munshi B G.

General Studies Study Material for Kerala PSC-Updated for 2019-2020 Changes

Gopalaswami Iyyengar C Dr. Ambedkar D D. The first Indian elected to the leadership of Communist International was. Do you find this content useful?

Email This BlogThis! Unknown 20 July at Admin 23 July at Unknown 24 July at Admin 24 July at Unknown 10 August at Admin 10 August at Unknown 11 August at Amathya Sen B. Muhammed Yunus C. Nom Chosky D. Robert Owen.

K Kumaran B. Leelawathi C. Bala Chandarn Chullikad D. K Kumaran Nobel Prize in literature in A.

Bob Deel B. Bengt Ostram C. Oliver Hart D. Amarthya Sen. Bob Deel The childhood days name of famous social reformer Vagbadanandan- A.

Kunjan Pillai B. Kunjikannan C. Subbharayan D. Karat Govindamenon. Kunjikannan Who is having the power to order writs,protectors of fundamental rights- A. Central Cabinet B. Indian Parliament C. President D. Mahanadi B. Godavari C. Narmada Who got Gandhi peace award in A. ISRO B. NSS C. Red Cross D. Asia Watch.

Rash Bihari Ghosh B. Aravinda Ghosh C. A C Majundar D. Bala Gangadharan. Project Tiger B. Plant Breeding C. Conservation of Natural resources. NH3 C.

CO2 D. Lichen B. Fungi C. Algae D. Lichen Cadmium poisoning is responsible for- A.

Minamata disease B. Itai-Itai disease C. Blue Baby Syndrome D. Itai-Itai disease Noise pollution is measured in — A. Hertz B. Fathoms C. Nano Metres D. Here the term success that is success in life. Once you get the Govt: Make this page a success sections in your life. Hope you understand its underlying sense Okay best of luck………. Kerala PSC, https: Here I am sharing with you some critical questions and its answers. Importance is that it has a major role in the notified examination conducted by PSC in Wheneve you go through this questions,study details of options too.

Dear just a glance at the following questions. Beneficial that in the nearest future of you. Something bring you colourfu l to you. Colouring in the sense your place PSC Rank list. How its so? Listen your smartness in the view of PSC Questions oriented manner.

Lies the answer there. Listen the all the PSC notifications appearing in your one time registration profile. Apply it in time. And also study the shocking questions also in time……. Vellanadu B. Vembayam C. Peelikode D.

Perumanna Ans: Dengfax B. Dengvaxia C. Denguefia D. Denglax Ans: Kulachal B. Varkala C. Kayakulam D. Attingal Ans: Clement Atlee B. Lord Alexander C. Stafford Cripps D. Pethwick Lawrence Ans: Clement Atlee. Official Language B. Anti defection C. Panchayath Raj D. Nagarpalika Ans: Official Language. Adipic Acid B.

Carboxilic Acid C. Sulphonic Acid D. Hydroflouric Acid Ans: Sulphonic Acid. Tagore B. Raja Ram Mohan Roy C. Vivekananda D. Vallabhai Patel Ans: Endangered Species B.

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Green House Gas Reduction C. Ban on Nuclear Test D.

New plant Varieties Ans: Green House Gas Reduction. Graca Machelle B. Ellen John Sirleaf C. Wangari Mathai D. Winnie Mandela Ans: Wangari Mathai.

Mahavira B. Rishabha C. Adi Sankara D. Buddha Ans: Sodium Citrate B. Benzoic Acid C. Tartaric Acid D. Calcium Carbide Ans: Benzoic Acid.

Visible light B. Infra red C. Ultra Violet D. Bright Light Ans Ultra Violet. Right to Religion B. Right to Equality C. Right to constitutional Remedies D. Right to Freedom Ans: Right to constitutional Remedies. Chief Minister B. Governor C. Education Minister D.

DPI Ans: Bharata Natyam B. Mohiniyattom C. Odissy D. Kuchuppudi Ans: Bharata Natyam.

General Science A Complete Study Material

State Legislature B. Election Commission C. Rajya Sabha D. Public Accout Committee Ans: Election Commission. Border SecurityForce B. Sasastra Seema Bal C. Assam Rifles D. Special Frontier Force Ans: Sasastra Seema Bal. Attapadi B. Idamalakkudi C. Bhoothathankettu D. Ambalavayal Ans: December 7 B.

January 18 C. September 18 D. August 7 Ans: August 7. Shivalik B. Himachal C. Himadri D. Great Himalayas Ans: Sea Turtle B. Endemic Plants C. Evergreen Forests D. Western Ghats Ans: Western Ghats. Pandit Karuppan B. T K Madhavan C.

K Ayyappan D. Vagbhatananda Ans: K Ayyappan. Supreme Court B. Lok Sabha C. Central Cabinet Ans: Agamananda Swami B. Anandatheertan C. Bodeshwaran D.

Subhananda Gurudev Ans: Agamananda Swami. UN Women B. Security Council Ans: Edwin Arnold B. EM Foster C. Dominique Lapier D. William Johns Ans:Karuan Nithi D. Transition elements C. Listen your smartness in the view of PSC Questions oriented manner. Listen the all the PSC notifications appearing in your one time registration profile. Sree Kandeshwaram Padmanabha Pillai B. K Kumaran Nobel Prize in literature in A. December 7 B.