language of the codes of Spiral Dynamics integral and for his insights on on Spiral Dynamics written by Dr Don Beck and Christopher Cowan, ““Spiral. PDF | For nearly two decades, the theory of Spiral Dynamics has been used to dynamically model human evolution and information systems. Spiral Dynamics the eight-stage spiral of development. Second Tier "Being" valueMEMES. TURQUOISE Holistic MEME – starting 30 years ago. Basic theme: .

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albion m. butters A brief history of Spiral Dynamics F or nearly two decades, the theory of Spiral Dynam- Origins of the system ics has been used to dynamically. Spiral Dynamics is based on the original work of Clare W. Graves, who taught reached a state of being able to describe what today we call Spiral Dynamics. Don Beck and WIE - Spiral rerajeretla.gq - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Take politics as an illustration. Republican or conservative value structures are an expression of Blue while Democratic or liberal value structures are Green. In fact, research shows that liberal and conservative viewpoints stem from different parts of the brain. Each stage of development represents a more complex structure in consciousness. When you have a system of greater complexity, it means that more things can go wrong.

And they often do! So each value structure can go to extremes. And the more complex the value structure, the more destructive the extremes become. Someone seeking achievement Orange perceives the world through a different lens than someone driven by equality and community Green. How to Use Spiral Dynamics for Leadership The key to effective leadership is first to understand where your team members are coming from and then help them grow to higher levels of development.

But ultimately, to become better leaders, we must develop our own second tier structures in our consciousness. This natural progression, however, almost never occurs. Instead, individuals tend to get stuck or fixated at a particular stage of development and subconsciously struggle to move beyond it.

If they come to value personal achievement, they may begin to push into Orange. Orange versus Green Most individuals in New-Age spiritual communities are expressing the Green value structure.

Individuals in Green, however, forget that they were once driven by Orange values too. Orange competes. Green seeks cooperation.

These two have a difficult time coexisting. Meaning we develop to a higher stage of consciousness while incorporating the essential aspects of the prior stage.

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The fundamental religionist at Blue may become an atheist at Orange. Or, an Orange Achiever may become an anti-capitalist environmentalist in Green.

Much of my 30s was marked by the struggle to integrate Orange and Green.

Many entrepreneurs wrestle with this tension, and it can take years to resolve. The primary goal for our self-development is to establish our center of gravity in the second tier Yellow.

The jump from Green to Yellow represents a significant shift in consciousness. Then, with the shift to self-actualization , our attention becomes inwardly focused.

Don Beck and WIE - Spiral Dynamics.pdf

Transcending and including these values is the primary function of Yellow. How to Use Spiral Dynamics for Shadow Work In truth, most of the guides on this website offer methods and insights to help individuals become more integrated at Yellow. Most of the reasons that the majority of us get fixated on first-tier value structures are external. To avoid the ambiguity and tensions of holding opposites and paradoxes without taking sides, we tend to cut off aspects of our humanity.

When we cut off a part of us, we relegate that part to our shadow. And this dissociation is what enables various archetypes to hijack our psyche. Overeating and other compulsive and addictive behaviors are signs of disconnection.

Qigong and Zhan Zhuang are methods for body-mind integration. Red is our power drive and the source of our rage and aggression. Usually, downward change back into congruence and a restoration of a comfortable state, even constructive downward mobility without disgrace is dismissed as weakness rather than a possibility for better coping and adaptation. So if there is to be change, then facilitating the right kind of change at the right time with the right means for the appropriate people is essential to making effective use of the principles.

If you want change in Helix 2 individual response to stick, its essential to ensure that you create the Helix 1 life conditions to enable that. Disruption needs to be congruent with where people are. Under certain circumstances such as too much change, too fast , a person may return to a previous level where life is more familiar.

Such an assumption does not fit with my research. In the workplace, in our government institutions, in our communities and homes, what seems like a clash of personalities or values may actually be a clash of levels. In one experiment, he grouped students according to their levels of existence and then gave them various problems to solve.

Students at the D-Q level split up into a number of groups, each with its own leader. Graves likens this to the feudal craft society with elaborate hierarchies within trade guilds. E-R students had a huge argument which ended when an overall leader emerged.

Spiral Dynamics – A Way of Understanding Human Nature

F-S students worked well with no leader at all. G-T students would choose a leader who was well-qualified for the task at hand. Later they would drop him for another leader better-suited for the next task.

The percentage of his students in the different categories has shifted dramatically in the past two decades. Progressively inclusive worldviews accommodate increasingly complex cognitive processing, for example.

How to Use Spiral Dynamics for Psychological and Leadership Development

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From Consciousness models in action: The various value orientations of the SD model can briefly be described, as follows: Please see my related posts: Never Ending Upward Quest: Sidebar C: Orange and Green: Levels or Cousins? Consciousness models in action: Part 1 — Michael Robbins https: By Sean M.When As depths of insight and vast realms of consciousness glint from the upper reaches of the spiral, the real possibilities begin.

They first met Graves in , and their co-operation continued until his death in Once again, you play out the BLUE theme to its ultimate. We are confronted with mind-blowing choices — everything from shaping natural habitats to gene splicing to using science in various ways to alter the human experience.