The purpose of this solution is to explain how to create a demo data warehouse / data mart using PowerCenter. And we consider the following table as target tables for building data warehouse. This can help you to understand how to use PowerCenter functionality to populate a data. experience of hundreds of data management projects, Informatica Velocity .. To use objects from the available banking sample XML file, perform the steps. Informatica Sample Project3 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Informatica All Domains Real Project Explanation IMP. Uploaded by.

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Sample Informatica Projects Pdf Download > d Not Allowed.. INsight for Opportunity Management (example). Informatica Projects titles and ideas on banking domain with project reports are available for free download. Informatica sample project - 1. CareFirst – Blue Cross Blue Shield, Maryland ( April – Current). Senior ETL Developer/Lead. Model Office.

I was also responsible for coordinating testing with analysts and users. Also prepared strategy to load historical and incremental loading of the mappings. Coordinated ETL testing with Business analysts and users.

Objective of the project and what are client expectations

Also involved in doing the peer review of team members mappings. Daimler Trucks is part of Global Daimler Corporation and is one of the major revenue generators for the corporation. Daimler Trucks has multiple data warehouses and aftermarket parts group has their own data warehouse. The data warehouse consist data for sales and marketing and forecast and planning operations.

Informatica Sample Project3

This provided added functionality in analysis dealer order patterns, accuracy of I2 planning and reason of parts returned by dealers. This involves redesigning some components of data warehouse to enhance the functionality of data warehouse. Performed major role in analyzing the database and ETL mapping and providing inputs to modify ETL and database for better performance.

The Data warehouse was built to provide Sales and Finance information to senior stake holders in organization across all geographies.

This information was used to see trends in sales occurring in organization. Prepared development standards and guidelines for the project to be followed by team. Prepared strategy to load history and incremental data into Data warehouse. This involves interacting with the users, explaining to user queries regarding data and tracking any issues occurred during user testing.

Informatica Real Time Project - Part 1

Migrated code initially to production from their test environment. Wipro was awarded an outsourcing deal to takeover support activities of Cardinal Health.

These activities involve analyzing the current scope and transition the knowledge of systems to Wipro employees and start supporting these applications. Besides managing lead activities, I am also supporting applications in Hyperion Planning and Essbase. Currently supporting 4 business applications in Essbase and Planning. Currently PTS has 38 branches and all branches have different source systems.

The data warehouse was built to provide business an option to see consolidated operational reports for all branches. In Informatica mapping, we first lookup all the transaction codes with code master table to identify the transaction type to implement the correct logic and filter the unnecessary transactions.

Because in BANK there are lot of transactions will be there but we have to consider only required transactions for the project.

The transaction code exists in the code master table are only transactions we have to consider and other transactions load into one table called Wrap table and invalid records transaction code missing, null, spaces to Error table.

For each dimension table we are creating surrogate key and load into DWH tables.

We are using SCD2 Date method. ArchitectureofProject: We are implementing SCD2 mapping for customer dimension to keep history of the customers.

100 Informatica Interview Questions you should know

Gather the useful information for the DSS and indentifying the subject areas, identify the schema objects and all. Schema design in Erwin and implement in database and preparing the technical design document for ETL.

Developers has to create the HLD, it will have the Informatica flow chart. What are the transformations required for that mapping.

U have to create the mappings. After that code review and code standard review will be done by another team member. Based on the review comments we have to update the mapping.Look at technical risk and include security. Indra Rosadi. I was also responsible for coordinating testing with analysts and users.

Cheng Por Eng. Sunil Reddy.

Various division and regional managers to get account of revenue generation from their respective divisions use the system. What are the transformations required for that mapping.