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Julie Garwood. Home · Julie Garwood Author: Sizzle. downloads Garwood, Julie - The Secret 02 - Ransom · Read more · Garwood, Julie. Julie Garwood is among the most critically acclaimed – and popular – romance Ransom. Highlands' Lairds (Series). Book 2. Julie Garwood Author (). Ransom book. Beloved storyteller Julie Garwood steps back to the silver- shrouded Highlands of her Lori I got it as an ebook download from my local library.

Christian escapes but Gillian gets caught and dragged back to the holding. After seizing Dunhanshire and killing Gillian's father, Alford has Gillian banished to her uncle, Morgan Chapman's, estate.

Fourteen years later, Gillian is dragged back to Dunhanshire where she meets a young 5-year-old boy, Alec Maitland. She tries to help him escape but the first attempt fails and they were found and taken back to the estate. Alford tells Gillian that he is sending her on a quest to the Highlands in Scotland to retrieve the jeweled box, called Arianna's treasure which belongs to King John, and her sister who he believes has the box. Gillian leaves the holding once again with Alec in order to save his life.

Once in Scotland, Gillian sends word to Alec's champion, Laird Brodick Buchanan, to request his help in getting Alec returned home safely. Gillian meets with Alec's father, Laird Iain Maitland, and Laird Ramsey who, along with Brodick, demand Gillian to give them the names of the English barons so they can retaliate against them for kidnapping Alec, but Gillian refuses in order to protect her uncle who is being held captive by Alford until Gillian returns to England with the box and her sister.

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Gillian, Brodick and Ramsey travel to Ramsey's holding so that Gillian can spot the traitor and find her sister since Ramsey rules over both the Sinclair and MacPherson clans, but her search is unsuccessful.

Two MacPherson elder's do locate Christian but she refuses to meet with Gillian. Brodick once again demands Gillian to give him the names of the Englishmen and Gillian decides to give him their names but only after Brodick promises to wait to retaliate until after she has completed her quest.

Gillian finally spots the traitorous Highlander, Ramsey's first commander, Gideon. Ramsey forces Gillian's sister to have a meeting with her where Gillian discovers that Christian does not know where Arianna's box is located. Ramsey and Brodick leave to meet up with Iain and their soldiers to travel to England and get their revenge.

Upon hearing this, Gillian immediately packs and heads her own way to England. Gillian has an epiphany about where the box may be located and sends a message to King John that she knows where Arianna's treasure is hidden.

Instant Download. Description eBook Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! The House of Memories. The Tailor's Girl.

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Golden Earrings. Vampire Academy The Complete Series: Books Lyrebird Hill. Kitty Smuggler's Wife Series: I doubt Brodick would get away with his antics in real life but he just turned out to be one of my favorite heroes in Romancelandia.

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Gillian was perfect match for Brodick. She didn't need to be coddled, which was refreshing when it comes to heroines in Romancelandia. Not that she was harsh or anything like that, she was just strong and independent. And yet, once she fell in love with Brodick, she wasn't afraid to admit she needed him to make her happier and she enjoyed talking and sharing her feelings with him.

If I have a minor quibble about her, it's her behavior near the end of the story, when she almost drove her uncle crazy with her crying over Brodick: it was a bit out of character but, all things considered, it didn't bother me much. It did make me smile imagining her uncle's "suffering".


Why hadn't Gillian been killed by the villainous Baron Alford? Was Gillian's sister truly alive? How did Gillian and Alec meet considering how prisoners are supposed to be kept isolated?download the eBook.

Gillian's father sends his daughters with four of his most trusted men to escape the estate with a golden jeweled box that must be kept a secret. They complemented each other perfectly and their chemistry radiated off the pages. Known by many as barbaric and savage.

Then I could have had more time with them. It seems like Garwood was planing to write about them but she decided to cram their story into Ransom , and as a result of that their romance doesn't get the intensity it deserves.

The other love story was a small side story that I felt really should have been it's own book. Julie Garwood. Her relationship with the boy is adorable and was very well done.