The 50th Law 50 Cent and Robert Greene Contents Foreword Introduction Chapter 1 See Things for What They Are-Intense Realism Chapter 2 Make Everything. I first met 50 Cent in the winter of He had been a fan of my book The 48 Laws of Power, and he was interested in col- laborating on a book project. In the . The 50th Law PDF Summary by Robert Greene & 50 Cent is an amazing book that focuses on exploiting your full potential and putting your.

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The 50th Law is written by Robert Greene in conjunction with 50 Cent. There's a little bit of 50 Cent life here, but mostly it's a Robert Greene's. In The 50th Law, hip hop and pop culture icon 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson) joins forces with Robert Greene, bestselling author of The 48 Laws of Power, to wr. In The 50th Law, hip hop and pop culture icon 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson) joins forces with Robert Greene, bestselling author of The 48 Laws of Power, to write.

The Sublime — Confronting your mortality. Here are some of my favorite highlights: Note: If you would like to download a high-quality PDF version of this quote collection, just click here. But you can stand as an individual bulwark to this trend and create power for yourself. You were born with the greatest weapon in all of nature—the rational, conscious mind. It has the power to expand your vision far and wide, giving you the unique capacity to distinguish patterns in events, learn from the past, glimpse into the future, see through appearances.

Circumstances are conspiring to dull that weapon and render it useless by turning you inward and making you afraid of reality. This left his mind open to experiencing things as they are, the source of all knowledge. It comes from a disdain for anything or anybody that impinges upon your mobility, from a confidence in your own decisions, and from the use of your time in constant pursuit of education and improvement.

Only from this inner position of strength and self-reliance will you be able to truly work for yourself and never turn back.

If situations arise in which you must take in partners or fit within another organization, you are mentally preparing yourself for the moment when you will move beyond these momentary entanglements. If you do not own yourself first, you will continually be at the mercy of people and circumstance, looking outward instead of relying on yourself and your wits.

The old power centers are breaking up. Individuals everywhere want more control over their destiny and have much less respect for an authority that is not based on merit but on mere power.

We have all naturally come to question why someone should rule over us, why our source of information should depend on the mainstream media, and on and on.

We do not accept what we accepted in the past. It is hard to resist. But once you give in, it is like a prison you enter that you cannot ever leave. You continually look outward for help and this severely limits your options and maneuverability.

When the time comes, as it inevitably does, when you must make an important decision, you have nothing inside of yourself to depend on. It is in their interest that you do not become self-reliant, and so they will tend to hoard information. You must secretly work against this and seize this information for yourself. They want something from you in return—assistance, unquestioned loyalty, and so forth. You want to keep yourself free of as many of these obligations as possible, so get in the habit of taking what you need for yourself instead of expecting others to give it to you.

Your character traits are a kind of chemical mix that will never be repeated in history. There are ideas unique to you, a specific rhythm and perspective that are your strengths, not your weaknesses.

You must not be afraid of your uniqueness and you must care less and less what people think of you. If the older set valued spontaneity and pleasure, you can be sure that the younger set will crave order and orthodoxy. By attacking the values of the older generation before anyone else, you can gain powerful attention. With energy and high morale, a human can overcome almost any obstacle and create opportunity out of nothing.

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In this philosophy every event is seen as fated to occur. When you complain and rail against circumstances, you fall out of balance with the natural state of things; you wish things were different.

What you must do instead is accept the fact that all events occur for a reason, and that it is within your capacity to see this reason as positive. Marcus Aurelius compared this to a fire that consumes everything in its path—all circumstances become consumed in your mental heat and converted into opportunities.

A man or woman who believes this cannot be hurt by anything or anyone. Like the hustler, you must find your freedom through the fluidity of your thoughts and your constant inventiveness. This means having a greater willingness to experiment, trying several ventures without fear of failing here or there.

It also means constantly looking to develop new styles, new directions you can take, freeing yourself up from any inertia that comes with age. In a world full of people who are too conventional in their thinking, who respect the past far too much, such flow will inevitably translate into power and more room to move.

By keeping your strategies attuned to the moment, you can be an agent of change, the one who breaks up these dead ways of acting, gaining tremendous power in the process. Most people in life are rigid and predictable; that makes them easy targets. Your fluid, unpredictable strategies will drive them insane.

They cannot foresee your next move or figure you out. That is often enough to make them give way or fall apart. People are constantly prone to doubting your abilities and your power.

You must show again and again that you have what it takes to thrive and to last.

Reward Yourself

Big words and promises mean nothing; only actions carry weight. If you are authentic, as tough as you seem to be, then you will earn the respect that will make people back off and make your life that much easier.

This should be your perspective as well. Rather than seeing it as an unnecessary activity, get the message that life is all about challenges.

These forces combined with strings of manipulation cannot harm you unless you give the go-ahead. Morality is sidestepped, and self-interest is up-and-running! Alexander the Great on numerous occasions proved its greatness on the battlefield because he led with an example, not with words.

Shouting and pressuring your employees to work harder is not only ineffective but counter-productive as well. If you perform better than they are, they will instinctively follow your lead, and rely on your absolute authority. Many business plans kick in the minute a person devises a plan to launch its idea. The trends are changing in a flash, and your business must create value. After that, when you define what the audience wants, you can begin forging a plan and mastermind a great product.

Learn how to make a better move by anticipating what comes next in the process. Your job is not to witness a periodical success that swings around without proper foundation for stability. You, as a self-motivated individual, must withstand the pressure of being in the spotlight and make your customers addicted to your service for a long time.

How often do you push yourself over the edge, and do something that you never thought possible? Aim for the stars and trust in yourself! Nonetheless, the mental assets are only one part of the game. Improve your chances of success by enhancing your knowledge and prowess on a daily basis.

No one can consider you worthy of anything unless you take full responsibility for your actions and methods. If people are willingly following you, it means that your aura radiates self-esteem and boldness.

In truth there are only two options: Greene says we are often naive, believing people are peaceful and desiring good for us.

The 50th Law by Robert Greene

We are too good, and avoid conflict, and sell our real self away in the process. He says that we need inner strength to deal with conflict. And that has nothing to do with bad or good but with strength and fear. If people feel like they can take from you, they will take from you, says Greene. Standing up for yourself is about fear and strength, not bad or good.

Click To Tweet Be a Feared Leader Greene says that many leaders take the wrong route when they decide to be benevolent leaders. Much better, he says, being a ruthless leader.

The example is John Ford, and I invite you to get the book for the details.

Mastering Process Greene says that fearless people learn to master processes also through boredom. Mastery takes time, grit and hard work. Control Greene talks a bit about the freedom of choosing our own reaction to any event we encounter. Similar to The 7 Habits of Effective People , the more we focus on what we can control, the more our control zone expands.It is in fact a function of character and fearlessness. Testing and proving his courage in this way gave him a feeling of tremendous power.

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The music on the radio was alL so packaged and produced. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. We often have a general feEling of insecurity because we've never realLy mastered anything in life.

He had been a fan of my book The 48 Laws of Power, and he was interested in collaborating on a book project. Start on.