Deadlands, Weird West, Wasted West, Hell on Earth, the Deadlands: Hell on Earth logo, the Hell on Earth sublogo, the Pinnacle Starburst, and the Pinnacle logo. The end isn't nigh—it's past! Welcome to Hell on Earth Reloaded, the dark future of the strange past of Deadlands. The year is , but the future is not our own. Hell on Earth explores a possible future to Deadlands where the heroes lost! The world has been Hell on Earth Classic: The Unity (PDF). Add to cart · Sale!.

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Hell on Earth - Adv - DN1 -, , KB. file, Hell on Earth - Adv - DN2 -, , KB. file. how we'd hide the identity of the Reckoners and the coming of Hell on Earth in the first. Deadlands rulebook (The names of the Reckoners appeared in certain. Items 1 - 37 of 37 Deadlands Hell on Earth Reloaded GM Screen Inserts .. This PDF offers options to scale and print only the sections you need, or print them all.

Has your body been wracked by the constant radiation exposure, or have you learned to channel the lingering power of the atom to your will? Remake the world as you wish.

Our player's guides are made so you don't have to download the portion of the book that you don't need. Additionally, they come with a site license allowing a GM to print a copy for each of his players!

This full-featured PDF includes a hyperlinked table of contents and index, bookmarks, and layer controls so you only print what you need. Maybe make things a little better.

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Martial Artists are detailed in the Waste Warriors sourcebook. Syker: Sykers, who use powerful psychic abilities, were usually trained for military combat and espionage. While most saw action on Banshee the location for Deadlands: Lost Colony , many others were stationed on Earth to fight human threats during the Last War. A third group of Sykers called "Greenies" have discovered their powers since the end of the Last War.

A Deadlands Hell on Earth adventure!

While less experienced than Banshee or Earth Sykers, Greenies have the ability to overcharge their powers to make them more potent, at the cost of additional strain and risk. Sykers are detailed in the Brainburners sourcebook. Templar: The Templars were formed to help those in need. However, because the founder of the Templars felt that people need to be willing to help themselves and aid in their fight, he decreed that each Templar must only help those that he deems worthy. The Templars gain magical powers from "the Saints", great people from the past who lend their strength to those of worth.

Hell on Earth Reloaded Player’s Guide (PDF)

In addition to Templars, some other heroic characters can use some of the powers Templars get, although not nearly on the same level. Templars are detailed in the Last Crusaders sourcebook. Toxic Shaman: When the Ghost Rock Bombs were dropped, and the world transformed into a toxic wasteland, many of the nature spirits were affected by the mystical corruption.

As a result, spirits of pollution and insects suited for this toxic world gained greater power, and the spirits of pure nature were severely weakened. Toxic Shamans channel the mystical energies of these "Toxic Spirits" in the same way their predecessors, the Shamans , channeled the power of the nature spirits.

Toxic Shamans are detailed in the Spirit Warriors sourcebook. Witch: Witches are similar to Hucksters in practice. Witches use an old cookbook titled "How to Serve your Man" with encrypted spells in it.

They have a limited selection of powers and are minor arcane characters in Hell on Earth. The only reason I mention it is because, for all my flaws, I tend to be completely honest.

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The Wasted West (Deadlands: Hell on Earth RPG)

It is divided into three major sections, as Deadlands books tend to be. The Player's section includes new gear riot shields, crowbars, metal detectors, flechette guns, that sort of thing , as well as new Edges and Hindrances, some of which are going to be familiar to Hell on Earth fans like Cyborg, so you can make your Harrowed into half-man, half-machine or a pair of Backgrounds, both familiar to Hell on Earth fans, as Bookworms and Witches become available.

The highlight of the player section to me, since the details on the Arcane Backgrounds and being a Cyborg are actually contained in No Man's Land, are the setting rules, which focus on emulating what a warzone the land has become, with tips and guidelines for throwing in forgotten minefields and boobytraps, among other hazards. Vehicle combat is also revisited here something way more relevant to the Wasted West than the Weird West. Everyone who knows Deadlands books knows the cool stuff is in the No Man's Land section, and that's where we get the details on playing Bookworms, Cyborgs and Witches.

Bookworms are a damning indictment of ereaders ironic, as I'm reviewing a PDF , because Book Spirits only reside in physical texts, and if you don't have the text on you, you can't access the powers.

If the text is destroyed, you lose access to the powers until you find a replacement.Near as we can figure a postwar quake or maybe the shock of a nearby nuke must have fractured the mesa and allowed some of the tar to start seeping out the sides. Animal Companions Not every hero in the Wasted West walks on two legs.

Although the weapons below are mostly specific models, their statistics can be adapted to similar weapons made by other companies. Ah, you pull away from my touch. Anyone within two yards of the line of fire between the target and the shooter Armor-piercing ammo was covered in Hell on Earth, but there are a few other special ammunition types available in the Wasted West that your hero may want to get her paws on.

We circled it a few times.

This sudden explosion in new forms of creatures. Differences in breed as well as between individual animals can lead to a great deal of differentiation.