Keywords relevant to balik form oec manggagawa form online · balik manggagawa registration · balik manggagawa information sheet pdf · balik manggagawa. Overseas Exit Clearance application form must be filled up accurately. You must be returning to the same employer to qualify for the Balik Manggagawa OEC. Latest Payment Information Date Location OWWA PhilHealth Principal / Employer / Company Details Name Address Phone No. If returning to the same employer and jobsite, the system will display a confirmation message indicating that you are exempted from securing the OEC and.

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Get a BM Form at the issuance counter at the POEA entrance. The E-Receipt/ OEC serves as your travel exit clearance and entitles you to exemption. Application Fee Challan for Specific Job Against Respective Advertisement · Emigration Promotion Fee Challan Form. About Us. Core Team · Organogram. OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT CORPORATION. (Application Fee Deposit Chalan Form). OEC Collection A/c. No Dated: Name(Block Letters).

S Oil prices might no! Make a note of anything you disagree about and discuss with the whole class. What do you think will happen to these sectors ofthe economy in the next few years? Write some sentences using the expressions in 1. Then compare your predictions with your partner. What happened? What caused it? Charged "tim WJun 5 Companies and fanne rs profited from the crash. The Fund is onen crit: Ie" em cra: X4l environmcnts for fa rmers by Read the article and answer the questions.

Pronunciation Webquest Abbreviations and acronyms 1 Work in two groups. An abbreviation is where the first letters of a name Group A, go to the website of the World Bank. Find the are used instead of saying the whole name. So, an information and make notes.

Annual General Meeting the shareholders' meeting 1 What do these institutions in the bank do: Each and IDA? Where do they get their finance from? Find out what its the words that make up the name of something.

So, objectives are and how much it will cost. Make notes to tell 1 Here are some sentences containing abbreviations and the class. Find the 1 The finance minister is meeting the lMF information and make notes. Z Discuss your results with the other group. Z l ;l listen to the VIP. Would a Z Now say the sent ences aloud.

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Muhammad Vunus, in very smal l loans to some of t he poorest Bangladesh in Yunus originally people in the wo rld. Peace Pril e fo r his work. It was founded by a young economiCs Vocabulary 2: Complete the survey below by underlining the correct words. Use the voca bulary in 1 to help you.

The economic cycle Every year the lMF produces a report on the performance of the world economy, country by country. World growth slows, as US This report advises countries and governments on better management of their economies. The fear;s that to decline if the government does ' 0' ac: Eurozone a boom co: In The Spanish economy a downturn a short-term experienced suffered change Gerrr. Oea'l e"tral Bank is trying to cool lI"lC'"easmg Interest rates. With families Consumer demand was strong buoyant '30"; ;'"f!!

ES5 - - E'"O; 'So a cha"ge n government policy. Every quarter Title: Quarterly update on conditions in the world you produce a report on the conditions in the world economy economy to circulate to all sales and marketing Executive summary divisions in the group.

This quarter, the global economy is growing at 3. To prepare your report, you have just downloaded the Most economies are experiencing an upturn led by the latest data on the world economy. Demand for commodities is strong. This is partly due to rises in living standards and mainly Look at the table and complete the executive because of investment in manufacturing. We believe summary of the report. Your summary should interest rates should fall over the next quarter.

Who do you think 1 Underline the: J Choose a d-. Then open the. Carla It seems to me that the Central Bank is responsible for managing accept that, Mika. Look at the stable and make sure the economv grows to create jobs. We can't blame the central banks fer everything. No, I think that it is financia l markets and speculators who reaUy control the economy today.

They decide where and when to build new factorie s. Find five more use people's first names. Z Can you think of any other thi ngs you should or shouldn't do during a meeting i n your country? Make a list. Is it in Industries and sectors agriculture, in industry, or in services? A modern economy is made up of three different How many ofthem can you name? Complete the sectors: Then write which sector they belong to.

The and the service sector. Match the sectors with their first one has been done for you. Use a dictionary to definitions. Now compare your answers with a partner and fill in 2 The provides the raw materials and any gaps. Which sectors are biggest in your country? Which are growing and which are declining? Secondary and logistics Sector: Syllable stress in nouns and adjectives It is often difficult to know which syUable to stress in a word. There are some patterns you can learn to help The Turkish economy: Here are some examples of syllable stress patterns: Also the syllable immediately before -tion is normally stressed whatever the number of syllables in there are the processing industries, for example the word.

For example; production, exploration, I - - - - --, pronuncigtion. If you are The service sector includes many diffe rent activities not sure, check your answer in a dictionary, such as which support both businesses and private customers.

Which ones? J G Now listen and check your answers. But man advantage over other count ries, such as low labour all far s are 0 longer profitable on global market with costs, technology, and nahual resources. The UK also has mportant reserlles of , gas, an st rengths of an emerging economy like China. Howeller, his sector is now declining and oil and gas 1 Work in pairs.

You are going to compare the key ro u tlol1 Wit fall sharply in the next ten years, making the strengths of an emerging economy, China, and a economy dependent on fore ign imports of energy. The secondary sector has continued to suffer from the Student B, read the report on the UK economy and decline of old heavy industries, like steel, and the closing of make notes on the strengths and w eaknesses of each mass manufacturing like the ca r industry.

This has created sector.

In order to do t his, you will need t o big job losses especially in the north. In the last few years, these old industries halle been replaced by new specialist find the xampIes given for each sector engineering companies with high added-val ue products and 2 find the trengths mentioned niche markets.

There is an example of how t o do this in the first By contrast, the serllice sector is boo ming, benefiting paragraph of t he table. When you have looked at this, from its highly qualifi ed workforce and the concent ration of read the rest of the report and complete the table in expertise in the south east.

But the success is lIery dependent on financia l ma rkets, and the recent growth has put great pressure on road and rail infrastructure in the sout h east. All this mea ns that fu ture growth wi ll be limited in U1e short to medium-term. Sui in s;Jo:. Chinese people remain reiatively poor:. Contrasting information 1 is followed by a noun not a complete Look at these sentences. We can do this in different ways, using words GDP, it suffers from poor infrastructure. Listen t o some extracts from Investment decisions the dialogue and complete the sentences with the 1 Which factors are the most important in choosing expressions used to present an option.

Choose three and 'Having looked at t his from a financial perspective. Now compare your answers vvith your partner. I'm not China. As you listen, key points. I the factors in 1 t hat are mentioned during the 4 ' As the assistant t o the chairperson you have been asked to prepare a report comparing t he two opt ions: Quality levels defect levels of defect levels of - -P"-- - - P" - - When we make a direct comparison between two ideas or st atement s, we can use several linking words, New product no communication research including while and whereas.

By contrast, in the UK, we can recruit graduates easily. When you have finished, compare your results with a partner and correct any mistakes. Look back at the notes you made inListening and complete t he report. Economic sectors 49 Tide: The purpose of this report is to We were ast. Use some b land com: State conclusio n. Having considered the different options, we have concluded that we are in favour of This is because Give reason s for your 1 conclusion Use although.

Webquest 1 Go on the Internet to find out about the work of 2 Now choose another country or region and compare regional development agencies in your country or the results.

Do they have any better ideas your country region. Make notes on these pOints. How do they promote the benefits of your J Work in pairs. Using your notes, prepare a simple country I region? Think about the layout: Explain your page to the class. The road to development How do you think regions or states can attract 1 Which developing countries do you think have been international investors to come and set up businesses most successful in recent years? Can you think of any areas in your country or 2 Look at the list of different options below.

Which are the three best st rategies for a developing country to elsewhere that have attempted to attract foreign follow? What did they do? Were they successful? Are there any st rategies you think are wrong? Mark Z Now read the interview with Matthias Wolff.

What them 'no'. Discuss the questions. What the country benefits could they bring? What features would you to cut taxes try and sell? I thought Germany was a What exactly does a regiona l development officer do? People often think that a regional development Yes, you're right.

Land, office space, office just promotes tourism, but in fact our task and wages are expensive here. But is to attract international companies to locate in on the other hand, Frankfurt is the the Frankfurt region.

That means creating jobs and German centre for financial services: So by coming follOwing up leads, making contacts, building here, companies relationships with companies. But then we can connect with a nave to put together a package of incentives to network of businesses ii I the statements which a re true.

I can ide ntify the key sectors and industries in an economy I can compa re and contrast information I ca n describe the strengths and J Look at the different expressions for presenting weaknesses of an economy and reacting to proposals in a meeting. Match the I can understand t he a rguments for expressions with the language functions in the investment decisions t able below.

I firmly s upport the 2 idea of..

poea oec form pdf

Look back through this unit. Find five more words or expressions t hat you t hin k are usefu l. Hold a meeting to discuss the best way for a developing country to build its economy.

Each st udent should present their three options for development. Use some of the language above to help you. Discuss the proposals together and try to reach an agreement on the best three options for the group. Most of the questions in this Reading ban k are in a Similar When you think you've found the right answer, you format to ones in the Test of Reading in the Cambridge need to look at all the other possible answers again.

The two things that you most need to do to develop these In this type of question, you match statements or skills are: When answering: The Webquert decide on the right answer. Organize it by theme, learn You need to think about the overalhneaning of the text, words with their opposites, and remember to look rather than just matching words.

In this type of question, you have to choose the best Here are some specific tips for answering the different answer from a choice of four options A, B, C, or D. The kinds of exam-type question in this Reading bank. They questions often ask you to decide between a set of should be useful. You need to have a general idea of what the author's Sometimes words can have similar meanings, but they opinion is before you answer t he questions.

Look at the text immediately before and after the gap. Is the Sometimes the incorrect answers contain words and answer you've chosen in the right grammatical category? Instead, you need to be sure that Does the answer you've chosen seem to fit in with the t he meaning of the answer you've chosen matches general meaning of the text?

Reading bank 53 1 Retail banking 1 Read the text about the future of The future of reta il banking A. Match the paragraphs A- E with the headings 1- 5 below.

What is the future of ba nking? Will banking be profitab le again? Every day' am asked this question. Without banks, Z Choose the best word or phrase to fill each gap from a, b, c, or d.

That means extra costs. There are too many b important that retail outlets - bricks-and-morta r bank branches are expensive to c as important as maintain, and increasingly unnecessary for re tai l banking. We will see these companies provide most services on line, and b with din deposits and withdrawals provided in loca l stores at very low cost.

September 17 1 a takeover c form b marry d merge Financial history is being made this week. Not since the Wall 2 a bankrupt c delinquency Street Crash has the global banking system seen anything like it.

Since then, the ma rkets have been b payments d income full of speculation that more banks will collapse. It will do nothing to encourage the consumer to spend in the shops or help the British economy grow.

Read ing bank 55 3 Auditing Read the article about the audit or's The auditor's report report. An auditor's report usually follows a very standard 3 a benefits c accuracy format and all audirors use almost the same language to present their b profits d publishing opinion. Bm the repon always contains three main sections: It usually contains standard statements like: It also 8 a exposures c revelations b informations d disclosures includes an assessment of the Significan t estimates and judgements made by the directors in preparation of the fina ncial starcments.

Read the text below about mergers why they can fail and acquisitions. Those who advocate below refer to? It can sound so simple: In theoty. That means they will lose value on the stock working practices of the hve market. The motivations that drive mergers can be tlawed and efficiencies companies.

The arrival of new technological developments, successfully. Sometimes, the management team feels they ha ve no choice and must acqui re a rival in order to preve nt their own company from being acquired. The idea is that only big players will survive in a more competitive world. E The chances for success aTC further reduced if the corporate cultures of the companies are very different. When a company is acqnired, the decision is typically based on product or market synergies, but cnltural differences are often ignored.

It 's a mistake to assume that personnel issues are easily o vercome. F But remember. Size and global reach can be an advantage and strong managers can often squeeze greater profits out of badly run companies. The success of mergers depends on how realistic the deal makers are and how well they can merge the two companies while maintaining day-to-day operations.

Cash flow Choose the best answer for each The cash flow of a company is a simple record of the real question from a , b, c, or d. I According to paragraph 1, cash flow These transactions can come from one of three sources: It is a sales important to realize that cash flow is not the same as sales or b investment profit because cash flow shows only the real movement of money.

So, the 2 Which is true? This means a Cash-flow problems happen the fin ance department must make sure that the real inflow of cash when the inflow of cash is greater covers the outflow of cash necessary, to pay its suppliers.

Failure than the outflow. The length of the credit period will d Cash-flow problems are caused by vary depending on the credit history of the customer.

Generally a liquidity crisis. But if a large customer a it usually receives cash does not pay promptly, this can generate a cash-flow crisis since b it has to wait if it wants cash the company may not have sufficient funds to pay other creditors. Here weexplore some of t he drawbacks of mutual fu nds.

Unlike fixed-income p roducts, such as b mutual funds are safer than bonds and Treasu ry bills, m utual fund s experience p rice fluctua tions along bonds with the stocks th at make u p the fund. When deciding on a particular fund c the value of mutual funds to download, you need to resea rc h the ri sks involved - just because a p rofessional moves in relation to t he manager is looking after the fund, that d oesn't mean the performance w ill price of the shares they own b e stellar.

Another important t hing to know is that mutual funds are not d mut ual funds are safer guaranteed by the US government, so in the case of dissolution, you wil l because they are managed not get anything back. Although diversification is a disastrous b outstanding one of the keys to successful investing, many mutual fund inves tors ten d c secure d risky.

The idea of diversificat ion is to re duce th e risks associated with holding a sing le secu rity; overdiversifi cation occurs when investors 3 According to paragraph 2, acqu ire many funds that are clo sely related, fo r example by all being in one a overdiversification is a good sector, li ke t he energy sector.

As a resu lt , th ey don't get th e risk reducing way to reduce risks benefits of diversification. In because people download a lot of order to maintain liqu idity and the capacity to manage withdrawals, fu nds different funds typically have to keep a large portion of their portfolios in cash.

Having d it is import ant to invest a lot of cash is great for liqu idity, bu t money sitting around as cash is not in only one sector, like the working for you, and thus is not very advantageous.

Funds will typically have a range of a t o invest the money in different fees that reduce t he overall payout. Fu rthermore, advert isement s, mutual funds rankings, and rat ings issued by fund compan ies only describe past b t o ask investors fo-r money performance.

Always note t hat m utual fund advertisements always c to withdraw money from a includ e the tagline'past results are not indicative of future returns'. Be sure fund not to p ick funds only because they have perfor med well in the past - d to collect to gether t h e yesterday's big w inners may be today's b ig lo sers.

If t he advantages tha t the investment offers outweigh its disadvantages, it's quite possib le that mutual fu nds are something to consider. Whether you decide in favour of or against mut ual fu nds, the probab ility of a successfu l portfolio increases dramatically when you do your homework. Reading ba nk 59 Reading bank key 5 According to paragraph 3, which of 1 Retail banking these st atements is not true?

Paragraph Dc 2 b Mutual funds keep a lot of money ParagraphEc 4 in cash. Match t he banks with the flags. One of the flags goes with two banks.

Marion Dempster, a UK bank executive, is explaining the British system to him. I t he correct boxes in Marion's presentation slide.

Look at the profiles of each bank. How many do you 2 Why have the supermarkets entered financial know? What do you know about them? Is size important for a bank? Take turns to ask about and explain have to check if you understood correctly or ask for each of the six types of bank in Listening. A Ask your partner to explain. Listening and complete the expressions. B Give your explanat ion and check they underst and. A Ask for more detai ls. A Ask them to repeat. B Repeat the information and reformulate.

Is that right? Go on the Internet to find the biggest retail! Find this fees. Z Now transfer the expressions you have written in 1 to the Usefullanguage table below. Useful language Asking people to give more details or re peat Checking other people understand you Could you be more specific? OK' I'm afraid I didn't catch that. Are you with me? So, you mean that Could you repeat that, please? Reformulating So, if I ', In other words,.. That is to say Lo ndo n, is made up of five ma in operating divisions.

We provide a complete range of banking serv ices to b by product lines focused on particula r customer individ uals a nd fam ilies and offe r a choice of ways to do business - in branch, by phone, or o nline. Our prod uct groups. What do yo u think these private and business custo me rs in the UK and a rou nd different divisions in the ban k do? Our services include portfolio ma nagement, J Read the text opposite and, using the STR organigram tax plan ni ng, a nd stockbroking.

We offer a ra nge of ta ilo red products and services fo r small businesses, as well as providing a netwo rk of 4 Now complete the organization chart with the name business advisors based in o ur bra nches. Our commercial of the t arget clients for each division and t h e typical subsidiaries offer specia list help in t he a reas of ve hicle products they offer. This diVisio n supports t he needs of la rge internatio nal companies, providing access to a full range of services 1 A small business t hat wants t o lease some machinery in glo bal fi nancial ma rke ts, providing debt fi nancing.

The STR accou nt grou p rema ins an impo rta nt banking partne r to major 3 Someon e who want s to manage a big portfolio corporatio ns a nd fina ncial a nd governme ntal instit utions of shares aro und t he world. It also ma nages o ur his money property portfolio a nd is respo nsible for ou r downloading. The listening bank M,dlind Bink.

But ifit appeared on a 1 th e main office of a b ank paragraph I w ebsite as a marketing communication to customers, 2 th e different section s of activity in t h e bank it might be worded dlfferently. What differences 3 the different types of products they offer to clients do you notice in the language and style of the t ext paragraph 2 compared with the previous equity research?

Think 4 the names under which the bank trades about these pOints: Call in to one of our bra nches and find out more from our 2; Your manager has asked you to write a profile of STR specialist advisors. Com p lete continental Europe, or even in the USA. Wherever you are, the profile by choosing from the words in 1.

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Come in and ask or visit us online! The bank has five main l. Its research. The bank's commercial division also offers specialist researched in the Webquest as a marketing services to companies, like ' of equipment or communication to customers of t he bank. In your vehicles. Work togeth er and compare your result s. What does it tell them? Z Read the interview and find the answers to the questions in 1. We have three different teams responsible for different kinds of loan.

One team is for consumer loans, which includes personal loans, educational loans, and loans to download a car; a second team deals with commercial loans for small businesses; and the third team is responsible for mortgage lending to clients who want to download a flat.

That must be a lot of responsibility. Well, not really, because part of my job is just routine. I have to check if the client will be able to repay the loan. For example, we have to know how 1 Here are some of Ursula's tips about selling on the much profit the company really makes, what other phone.

Which three are the most important? So, we have to check their credit history. Do they usually pay their suppliers on time? Make a list of that they can answer with just That kind of thing. Then I have to the points you want to cover 'yes' or 'no' work out a loan schedule for during th e conversation.

If the analysis 2 Keep a good database- talking to is in the room: Keep in supervisor for checking. It it isn't, regular touch with the client What is the most djfficult make an appolf1tment to call even if nothing special is partofthejob?

S At the end of a call, repeat Oh, when I started for example, a chang e in the what you have agreed aoo fix work after university, the client's business could be a a bme for another call. Z Can you think of any ot her tips for selling on the phone? Are t here things you shouldn't do? Write some sent ences of your Verb patterns own, using the three verb structures, for example When you learn a new verb in English, it is important Ifyou want to be an accountant, this involves studying to look at how the verb works, If a verb is followed by for two years.

Some If you want to be a n analyst, this involves.. She helped to arrange my mortgage. Do you 'Want to be be an entrepreneur? Or maybe it first three years, plus how many customers you hope is not worth taking the risk?

You will also have to decide what kind of security from friends or family, or even from a bank.

If you choose you want 15 offer the bank. Before require you 11 upda te them on your progress. That can be the hardest part.

Speaking Complete the questions below using the question openers. Then match each question with the point Commercial lending being checked Discuss what kind How much How much do you of infonnation a bank wants to know before it gives a What i9 the What is your loan to a business customer.

If you are not sure, think What is your What kind of about these points: Student A, you are the loan officer. As a loan officer you need to get the their business. Your boss has told you to make sure best tenns you can with the minimum risk. Are you you check these details. If the risks are high, you need 1 the objective of the loan more security or a higher interest rate.

Or you may 2 the amount required need to offer a smaller loan. Bank ing 67 Checklist Assess your progress in this unit. I the statements w hich a re t rue. I ca n describe the different types of bank and the ir cust om er groups I can check, cl arify, and reformulate in a discussio n Now change roles. You are now the client. Look at I can explain what the different divisions the det ails of yo u r loan application below. Answer in a retail bank do your partner's questions and try to get the best loan I can write a profi le of a bank's act ivity you can for your business.

Find five m ore wo rds or express ions that yo u think are useful. Atlantic Villas Type of business: Which of them is listed on a When a university in Moscow invited an equity broker stock market? J Where can you find the stock market indices below? First, work in pairs and see how many of the one of the cities matches with two indices. Hong Kon g 9 What does it mean when an investm ent bank 'undetwrites' a company's shares?

Why is that? Would they have 2 You are going to work together by sharing a positive or negative ef ect on these sectors? Central bank cuts interest rates Oil prices hit a 2-year high Consumer debt levels continue to rise London wins Olympic bid 5 Who do you think are the biggest investors in the stock markets? What are the biggest companies in it? Make notes. But what exactly are they downloading? What do they do on the stock market every day?

Basically, the biggest markets in the world, like Wall Street, try to value companies every day according to the economic prospects of the company and the progress of the economy. A company that wants to Basically, when you download a share you become offer its shares to the public must first come to the an owner of part of that company.

As a be 'quoted' every day in trading. They work, profits that a company will hopefully make. This is because the the Securities and Exchanges Commission SEC Board of Directors who run the company decide in the US, to make sure that the company follows each year how much of the profit to give back to all the regulations and the company is not trying the shareholders as a return on their investment to defraud investors.

The investment bank will and how much to retain for the company to 'underwrite' the shares by promising to download the use to invest in new projects. Some very big shares if no other investors are interested. Market companies do not pay dividends because they participants call this first offer a primary listing. That way, the shareholder benefits what they call 'the secondary market: So wnen they to grow their business and then they can issue new sell the share s they will get a higher price.

By selling new shares, the company, of course, is getting new That is why an investor in shares expects to money, but at the same time it also means that make two kinds of return: The value of the less because it represents a smaller percentage of shares, of course. Discuss as a class any of the questions you still aren't sure about. Listening 3 ;l Listen again and write T true or F false. What do you think are the main factors behind the 2 A fall In interest rates will boost the stock market.

Complete the two slides that she uses to explain the stock market. I as infour, talk, store - t hese are long vowels. Why do stock markets move? Put them in t he right column. Qlume whQle important. Then listen banks and check your answers. His philosophy t o investing is as follows: If the government nationalizes the biggest banks, shareholders will lose their money.

We can change the probability by using these modal verbs: Have you ever visited one? Which t hree of these strategies do you think Write three different answers for these questions could be the most successful?

Why would t hey work us ing t he modal verbs above and the phrases below better than the ot hers? That way you reduce your exposure to any Orle company.

Small companies are just too risky. downloading and selling quk: Then 'download on the ru mour. Discuss these questions. Or is it b car suppliers c foreign car producers just 'gambling', like the lottery? Mark each Jim Chung of the effects P positive or N negative. Job lunior equity analyst at an Supermarkets and shop owners protest as govemment bans investment bank all petrol-driven cars from city centres.

Here's my routine: I have to in a morning bliefing. Complete the model using prepare a report on a small technology company for the the information from the news announcement and morning briefing with the sales team at 7.

Have to chase analyst's notes above. On th e ona hand, this WIll probably lead to an Increase I decrease in 1: Order a great meal but I have no time to eat it, since I am asking questions Equally.

Check On the other hand, this will certainly lead to an increase I declease In the market again for any news announcements.

Prepare some figures on a possible takeover. That means a long night since I know As a result. No time for the gym! Z Which things does Jim find most exciting and which 4 Work in pairs. Student A. Make notes and compare w it h a p. Do you both agree with Jim's view?

Stock markets 73 Leeson He was sent to prison in Singapore in December unauthorized trad ing on Asian f utures His book. Rogue Trader, was turned Singapore office of Barings Bank. Because of into a film starring Ewan McGregor. But why and how did he do it? Vocabulary 3 Now, using the information in the t able, answer these questions.

Reading t he financial press 1 If you wanted to download shares in BP today, how If you want to research a company to invest in, you can much would it cost you? Note in the UK share look online or in a newspaper at the share price tables. But what kind of information do you want to knowr 2 If you bought the shares at the lowest price for the year, how much did you pay?

You are going to research the share price performance Look at the table below and match the labels in the of the IT company Microsoft. Put the correct numbers 1 Find the 'financial markets' section on an Internet 1- 9 in the spaces in the table.

Which one? Is it up or down today? Find 7 the area of industry in which the company works what has happened to the stock in the last 12 months? Check t h e recent press An analyst's re port releases from the software sector below. Stock market analysts, who often work for investment ban ks or brokers, write regular reports on companies t o update client s on recent performance.

They t hen Microphose shock! These repo rts stron gly influence stock m arket investment costs. Look at the Outlook poor for Microphose fou r h eadings and write each heading in the correct Analysts turn negative on the computer sector as sales place in the report. Sector outlook Share price p erformance Chairman's warnIng Recommendations CEO's statement Chairman warns of difficult market conditions as mobile applications begin to ta ke market share from traditional 2 Look at the expression s in italic used in the report personal computer market.

Promises to invest in new below. Match the expressions a-k with the fuction s products to boost profits. Some of the fu n ctio ns match with more Analysts advise 'sell' than one expression. Analyst 1 companies giving news and information about Dave Sweetman at Gold man Sachs explained that the themselves high cost of investing in new products will result in lower profits over the next few years. Internet technology At a recent press conference, he company announced' that Current share price: This is due to a sharp rise in ad vertising revenue and a in equipment and property.

This will probably result inl an big increase in new customers. The weakness. Stock ma rkets 75 Checklist Assess your progress in thi s unit. I ca n understa nd how stock markets work I can discuss why stock m ark et s move I can discuss diffe rent investment strategies I ca n present a briefi ng note Company name: Microphose I ca n read and understand stock market tab les Sector: Look back th ro ugh this u nit.

Find five more Chairman's st atement 1 re cent news words or expressions t hat you t hin k are useful. But where does the money come from? Decide which of the items below bring a product today 1st July on 90 days' credit? Mark each item 'In' or 'Out'. We produce goods. We hold stocks. You have identified two unpaid accounts: There are four directors at one is five days late and the other 70 days.

You decide the meeting: Nick Wilson - Sales director Usually, your colleague deals with all the international correspondence but she is away for this week and has Remy Danet - downloading director left you a few notes.

Complete your email reminder Sandra Chan - Finance director below using the follOWing expressions a-i. SiJij costs for to. S The company has recently introduced new products. Marlin 6 The cost of materials increased because of demand Credit Control Manager from competitors. The most common cause of late owed an amazing Almost a payments. This wo rks late payments. Look at the , Look at these two comments about the company's options and match them with the consequences.

Options Consequences A 'if the customers pay on time, we will have no 1 reduce our stock of a lose ord ers from p roblem with cash flow: Now use the information to write five sentences using Z Now complete the rules about conditional sentences. Ifwe reduce our stock of materials, we will have This is called the First Conditional. This is called the Second Conditional. The finance director is now t alking to her team and imagining some of the things that could go wrong in 3 Look at these sentences from Listening.

Discuss the the next twelve months. Match the risks she imagines differences in probability between the sentences. The factor is then responsible for collecting the debt in full.

Speaking It's my job Insisting on paym ent: Birgit joined the t reasury department of a as write. Match the expressions with their 1 Read the text, What does a treasury department do? What did Birgit learn from her internship? I'm phoning cannot do anything about an unpaid invoice, unt il the network is Job Treasury department assistant reference: Thank you for your meetings with the banks to discuss loans and credit received any reply.

He eVen forced me to do the calculations. How can we c Oh, I'm sure legal act ion loans but had to learn quickly.

It was a surprise to find resolve this issue of the won't be necessary, how different banks wanted different types of security out standi ng invoice? Our main task is to manage the cash flow rece ived any emails, in the company.

As we now have operations all over That 5 Very well but if we don't e Gh, hello. I was planning means we have to move money around the company receive payment by July to phone you about that every day to meet the needs of different parts 27, I'm afraid we'l l have invoice.

But as they all have different to pass this on to our currencies we have to use a technique of legal department. We use Role-play the dialogue fro m 1. When customer to pay us, you finish, swap roles. I Find out what kind of financing these companies could use. Look at the t ext and match the types of Financing the company financing with t he explanations a- g given below Companies need different types of financing for on the website. They need short-term financing 1 bank overdraft for daily operations, like paying their bills to suppliers, 2 trade credit finance but they also need medium and long-term financ ing, 3 bank loans and term loans for example, to download properties, machinery or to expand into new markets.

Decide which of the problems need 6 bonds I debentures shorHerm and which need long-term fin ancing.

Effectivity Date: October 03, 2011

It needs as a security,This can be much cheaper than other to invest heavily in new forms of loan. Its machines have to be replaced every b If your company is owed cash by customers who take a three years because of new long time 10 pay you, why not sell the debts to a bank in technology and this uses up exchange for Immediate payment? The bank will charge a lot of its profits every year. This saves you from making big long-term production or truck delivery. The site is worth S20m, but badly f Alarger company ca n borrow money from the fina nCial needs moderni7.

It borrows the money from long-term Investors do the work. This can give real long-term stability to your company. This is a but it often has problems paying common arrangement jf you place regular orders with a its rent and even salaries at the supplier and they trust you. The country sma ll bus inesses. J Work in pairs and decide together which form of Professional skills financing would be best for each of the companies mentioned in 1.

Writ e your decision into the file and Negotiating give any reasons you have for it. In the UK, the government's website www. Make a list and explain t o a partner what Look at the business case study below and see what you did. Did you get what you wanted?

Do you Sandy, to get finance to st art her business. Sandy is a young businesswoman who wants What do you think of when people talk about negotiating? downloading to set up a company to sell eco-friendly men's a car and arguing over the price?

Negotiating over the rent of your flat? Decidmg with yoU! This environment. She has made a business plan, leads them to think there must be a winner and a loser in every found good suppliers, and now needs to set up negotiation, 'I will start by asking a really high price and then an attractive websi te to begin selling. She has negotiate aO'NIl. But is it the same in a business negotiation?

Business research suggests that when compames negotiate with a supplier over a contract, both sides have to live 'Nith the results for years. If 1 Go on the Internet and search for 'finance for small one side feels that it has got a bad deal. Probably not. That is why management experts now believe that the best solution is to think of all professional negotiations as part of: I Find out who these people ale and how they m ight buildmg a pannershlp.

So, in a professional negotiation you help small businesses. Then decide together everything you want. Ml1l'R'dW tht 5 the cost of paying interest on all the bank loans.

J bt fwNi 2 What was the operating profit? I the stat ements which are true, I can understa nd the terms for cash fl ow of a company I can write a fi rst rem inde r to a customer I can use conditionals 6 Now complet e t he following t ext from a finance I can call a customer to insist on fi na l handbook, Circle the correct answer A or B. Adjective fixed costs outstanding There are many different ways in income stateme nt I profit and loss account which to look al lhe profits a company inflow makes because accounlants need to measure the efficiency of operat ing profit different activilles in the business, So, if, for example, we want outflow to find out how weI!

It ISthiS words or expressions that you think are useful. Once these have been deducted we are left W1th a figure for Finally, we need to look at what happens to the money the company earns.

Countdown Reading 1 Here are some ways in which companies report to Th e annual report us about their activities. What do you think is the The annual report of a company is a long document purpose of each of the communications?

When you read these documents you need to learn two reading skills: A good technique is to read only the first sentence of each paragraph first. Write the paragraph number next to each item. With a partner, see who can find and underline all the section titles first. Shell 3 Which sections of the report are of most interest to 2 A car manufacturer, e. Chrysler 1 a shareholder? British American Tobacco 2 a regulator? Which of 3 an analyst?

Speaking By law, aU public companies have to publish an What should companies include in an annual report every year, and to send a copy to all annual report? The contents are mostly defined by In many countries today governments are keen to law.

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But is to attract international companies to locate in on the other hand, Frankfurt is the the Frankfurt region. Answer your partner's 1 Look at these questions the interviewer asks lilly. This is due to the crisis in the Gulf.

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